Burlesque, burlesque - what book of rules says what's burlesque? Listen, junior. And learn. Want to know what is Itty-Bitty burlesque?

It's girls in eeny-weeny polka dot bikinis. Also silent movie cabaret dancers. Also awfully cute Indian tribes, ballet dancers gone bad, classic seductresses in blue dresses, girl insects with ninety-six eyes and even more sequins, big whopping feather fans - all burlesque. There's magic and make-believe and a whole lot of shaking going on.

Itty-Bitty burlesque's rip-roaringly funny, sizzling hot and all coated in glitter. Something to make you hoot and holler 'til you're dizzy and hoarse.

Put on your top hat, high heels, grab your grandma and enjoy the show!